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Photo-a-day! Week something or other

March 18, 2011


Katie’s Songs {Southwest Saskatchewan Family Photographer}

March 18, 2011

So when I was younger I (like everyone else in the world probably… hopefully) really enjoyed listening to songs about people with my name in them.  And after having a nice afternoon outside with my kids I decided to post a link to one of my favourite ones!

Along with a photo that my dear husband took a few weeks ago as he pulled me and the kids behind the tractor out to feed cows!

Skating Club – {Southwest Saskatchewan, Team Photographer}

March 18, 2011

I took this pictures not long after I took the hockey ones.  Printing problems have since been haunting me like the ghost of Christmas Eve.  It was fun.  There were so many beautiful skaters!!

BEST smile of all time!!!

Cute Couple – {Southwest Saskatchewan Couple Photographer}

March 17, 2011

These two were alot of fun… and I mean it… we hardly stopped laughing.. or shivering.. whichever.  It was a blustery day and I think I lost a few toes that day.  But, after surviving… we had a few good shots.  We gave up and quit early because we aren’t true Canadians (actually… because *coughtheboycough* could hardly hack it any longer) and decided to finish the shoot another day when it was warmer!! Excited!!

Good Music Day

March 14, 2011

Today is a good music day.  On these kinds of days I want to blast BackRoads- by Ricky Van Shelton and dance around all crazy… possibly with my hair whipping wildly about and a hairbrush as a microphone.  My husband is secretly glad he spends most of these “good music days” outside working and away from my awesome dance moves.  Just saying….

Tompkins Relay for Life – {Southwest Sask – Event Photographer}

March 3, 2011

Because I am a part of two wonderful communities I get the honour of never ending support.  I was recently asked if I could donate my time and talent to the Relay for Life that Tompkins has been chosen to host this Spring.  Of course I said yes.  The Relay will take place on Saturday, May 28th and go from 7pm to 7am with the funds being raised going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

I attended the kickoff party for the Relay on Wednesday morning and it was excellent!! The kids of the Tompkins school sang along to Rascal Flatts’ – Skin and it was very touching.  I have decided to compose a dvd of retouched images I have collected from the kickoff as well as the night of the relay.  These dvds will be available for a $20 donation to the Tompkins Relay for Life.  Please contact myself or those in charge of the relay for more information.  And if you are so inspired, start up a team….. Cancer has affected the lives of many.

Simpson Family – {Southwestern Saskatchewan Family Photographer}

February 28, 2011

So I really did some ‘soul searching’ while I was editing this family’s photo session.

This session was a challenge.  A HUGE challenge.  They were the first time I have ever ventured out into the world of “inside” photography.  I struggled to have confidence in myself and in my abilities.  I struggled to find my creativity and I really struggled with the editing.  That being said, I did have fun once we got going.  And the family was extremely tall fun and adorable so the pictures were good.

We shall see if I ever venture into an inside family photo shoot again… we shall see…