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What are your fees?

Easy peasy! Check out our pricing page!

Do I get the copyright to my pictures after our session?

Definitely kind of sort of.  I have decided to retain the copyright for the photos I take.  However, you will be given something called a reproduction and display release.  This allows you to print and share your photos with whomever you like, in whatever way you like. You can’t sell them though.  You also can’t edit them, either.

Where should we have our session?

I like to go to new places and see new things.  That being said, they are your photos.. of you… of your life.  Let’s pick somewhere familiar and comfy for you so that it’s easy to relax and have fun!  This makes things especially easier with kids…. imagine if you were five and got to go somewhere new… why on earth would you listen to your parents (or the super-fun photographer) when you could be exploring up a storm??  And try not to worry too much about whether or not your favourite place is photogenic…. we can make pretty much anything look amazing in photos!!

What time of day should we choose for our session?

This obviously depends ENTIRELY on you… and your schedule!! Especially if you have small children… then let’s choose a time that they will be fed and awake…. just so they are smiley and happy kids… not cranky and sleepy ones, right??  For me… sessions containing grown-ups only…. I would LOVE to start them all 1.5-2 hours before sunset.  We’ll be bathed in delicious golden sunset light!! (I’ll let you in on a little secret… it’s magical light… EVERYTHING looks unbelievable in that light… just sayin’).

What should we wear to our session?

Please… formal attire only… ball gowns and tuxes… KIDDING… A good rule of thumb is to be yourself!  Pick something that fits in with your normal everyday style and then kick it up just a notch.  So ladies throw on those favourite blue jeans of yours but maybe add some fun jewelry or bust out those awesome yellow shoes!  And layers… oh how I (and the camera) love layers!!  If your husband won’t participate in helping you pick something out enlist the help of your daughter.. or friend… don’t have any of those… hell, bring along some clothes and I’ll help you decide!  Please remember you and your party DO NOT need to match exactly.  However, dress in a coordinating style and color palettes and you won’t go wrong.  Preggo?? Show off your bump!! It doesn’t have to be skin tight… but have something that comes underneath your belly… because obviously you want to show it off… or why would I be taking pics of it??

What should I expect during our session??

I will pose you in awkward positions and yell “SAY CHEESE” as I count down on my fingers.  Again… KIDDING…. I want to capture the real you not the terrified one.  It is easier to do that if you are comfortable, doing things that are comfortable.  After having said that, I will likely spend 1-2 hours making ridiculous jokes, acting slighty crazy, and snapping about a billion photos.  Sound good??

How long after the session to we have to wait to see our pictures!

2 weeks or less! Once they’re finished, you’ll generally see your photos pop up in a blog post and on facebook at the same time! I’ll notify you via email or phone call as soon as they’re ready!

Do you take a studio portraits? With lighting and backdrops??

I prefer to capture images in a more casual, natural setting.  I think you will look more like yourselves if we shoot in a place you are comfortable.  However, we can attempt to mimic the clean look of a studio by finding fairly neutral locations if you like.  And… since we live in Saskatchewan and I don’t want to take ZERO pictures all winter long… we can experiment… But you likely won’t ever see me with lights, reflectors, and umbrellas. While they are invaluable photography tools, I have found that they make it hard for us to be as relaxed!!

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